Chinese President Xi made important statements about the Corona virus, which started in their country and spread all over the world. Xi explained that they did their best to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Corona virus, which started in China and spread rapidly all over the world, causes countries to take major measures. This aggressive virus, which is transmitted to more and more people, has caused casualties, especially in China.

The President of China, Xi Cinping, where the virus originated, made statements on the subject. “Currently, the Chinese Government and the public are doing their best to combat the spread of the pneumonia caused by the new type of Corona virus,” said Cinping, “the Chinese government; He took strict and comprehensive measures with his sense of responsibility towards the public and the international community. ”

Spread to 28 Countries

The Corona virus has spread to 24,631 people in 28 countries so far. The virus, which has caused 494 deaths, continues to spread rapidly despite the precautions taken. This 9-day incubation virus makes it difficult for specialists to work because it is not noticed in this process.

There Are Treated People

Although the virus is extremely terrible, it is possible to get rid of this disease. A patient diagnosed with Corona virus in Thailand was recovered by combining HIV and flu vaccines. During the days when the vaccination process was going on at a great pace, this news was largely received.

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Stating that they have all the necessary requirements and facilities to prevent the spread of the disease, Chinese President Xi said, “We will continue to provide effective cooperation efforts and regional and universal security in the field of public health, by further strengthening our cooperation with other countries and sticking to the principle of transparency.”

A Worldwide Outbreak

Experts explaining about the Corona virus have announced that the outbreak is now worldwide. The epidemic, which has reached 28 countries and continues to spread at a rapid pace, seems to be unstoppable yet, despite the countries taking major measures. The vaccine that thousands of scientists are working on seems to be the only solution for now.


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