Undoubtedly romance, comedy, and fantasy are some of the most popular plots in the Korean drama world, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones we can find.

Crime and crime stories always give an extra dose of excitement to programming, as narratives are often full of unexpected twists that make you doubt the future of the plot.


The possibilities in this type of k-dramas are many, while in some productions we see how the ability and strength of the police officers is a great attraction, in others it is the intellect and the psychological analysis that allows solving all the mysteries to their He passed.

Keep reading and discover new stories that you will want to add to your catalog of dramas to see.


The first season of this drama shows us the story of two detectives who have lost their families to the same criminal, the only records that we have of this serial killer are some voice messages, will they manage to catch him?


A team from the violent crime unit will have to demonstrate that despite the youth of its members, they are fully capable. They must do so, since the safety of the inhabitants of one of the most luxurious areas in Seoul will depend on them.


The Korean version of the famous television series shows us the team of detectives and investigators who analyze the psychology of the criminal to solve and avoid violent crimes. Each episode shows different cases where the audacity of this investigation team will make the difference between the life and death of the victims.


Hwang Shi Mok is a different prosecutor than the rest, in addition to staying away from corruption, he also has the quality of not having any kind of emotion, his cold character has its origin in his childhood, when surgery made him lose the ability to feel . Shi Mok will work to solve a serial killer case and at the same time unmask the corruption that exists in his profession.


A detective finds a spoiling walkie-talkie, when using it he discovers that this radio allows him to communicate with another detective, however, it is someone who lives in a bygone era, how is that possible? The union of two different eras will allow detectives from the past and the present to collaborate in the fulfillment of their work.


Jisoo is a young student who also participates in the execution of an app for the protection of women. This part of his life is hidden from everyone, neither his friends, classmates or the women he helps in the app know who he is. One day, another student steals his cell phone and discovers this facet of Jisoo, what will happen to the identity that this young man has kept secret?


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