Elon Musk, which has been integrated with the concept of technology in recent years, has been frequently discussed with the statements made on Twitter, while being criticized by Tesla shareholders. After Musk’s crazy statements made yesterday evening, was his account hacked? We announced to you that the question comes to mind.

Elon Musk made Tesla $ 15 billion damage with a single tweet!
He explained that he would sell his physical assets and said, “I don’t need money. I devote myself to Mars and Earth. The asset only weighs. ” Using the expressions, Musk said that Tesla shares were too expensive and it was like a bomb. Looking at the last 24-hour chart, Tesla shares, which rose to $ 770.49, fell to $ 686.93 after Musk’s announcement.

The cost of this sudden drop in Tesla share value, which has started to rise significantly in the last 1 month in particular, has been approximately $ 15 billion. The fortune of the 48-year-old Tesla CEO melted $ 3 billion. In this context, Elon Musk caused a loss of 14 billion dollars with a single tweet.


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