It is reported that the work for the SpaceX Starship rocket is under the lens. Elon Musk, who successfully sent NASA astronauts into space, now wants to continue the Moon adventure from where he left off.

Elon Musk presses button for SpaceX Starship rocket

According to the information received, it turned out that the businessman from South Africa origin has sent an email to all employees working in SpaceX. The relevant email says that employees should work full throttle for this project.

Musk announced that the most urgent and most important priority of SpaceX is the Starship rocket. Experienced business man, in his e-mail, said: “Imagine that the most important project for SpaceX (other than the SpaceX Dragon project) is Starship.”

SpaceX said that within the Starship rocket that we encountered last year, 100 people could be transported, and cargoes could be successfully carried to the Moon and Mars along with people. It was also reported that this tool can be used repeatedly.

Elon Musk, who successfully completed the Falcon flight, wants to land on the Moon before 2022. His 2024 plan was based on placing cargoes on the surface of the Moon, which would enable people to live on the Moon.

It is understood from now on that Elon Musk will focus on Texas instead of spending time in offices in California. Because the work is done in Texas on behalf of the Starship rocket developed by SpaceX. Musk sees this rocket as his “pupil”.

As will be remembered, Jim Bridenstine, who took over as manager at NASA, made a statement about SpaceX on September 27, 2019: “I am looking forward to the SpaceX announcement tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Commercial Crew team is much (years) behind its action plan.

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“NASA wants to see the same level of excitement (as in the past) that focuses on the investments of American taxpayers. It’s time to act. ” Do you think this project will reach its goal?


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