The AirPods Max Shield Case accessory is designed to cover your entire headset. There is also a large inner volume mesh pocket. Again, ultra low low mode is supported.

The first accessories for AirPods Max, Apple’s most expensive headset, began to arrive. Naturally, the accessories of the headphones are not behind in terms of price. WaterField Design became the first company to produce accessories.

AirPods Max Shield Case features and price
The accessory called AirPods Max Shield Case replaces the smart case. The leather cover is designed to cover the entire headset. The plush interior has two wings so that the earpiece parts do not rub against each other.

There is also a waterproof pocket on the outside to carry your cables. There is also a mesh mini pocket inside. You can also put your headphones in the case with the smart case. The interior volume has been adjusted accordingly. If you just put the headset on, the ultra power mode is still active.

Developed to completely protect your AirPods Max headset, the AirPods Max Shield Case smart case has a $ 100 price tag. Sales have started in Apple stores.


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