Windows 10 KB5000842 update will fix File Explorer error.With a Windows 10 update coming in 2019, File Explorer started to cause problems.

Now, the Windows 10 KB5000842 update will provide a solution for the File Explorer error. In addition, the old version of the Edge web browser is also completely removed from the system.

The Windows 10 November 2019 update revealed an annoying error that caused File Explorer to stop responding when you tried to use the search box, which is an essential part of the operating system that allows you to view your files and folders. Fortunately, the application of the update seems to improve the performance while fixing a memory leak error, according to Windows Latest. Why did it take so long to correct the error is another matter of curiosity. The fix actually appeared in the early preview build of the Windows 10 21H1 update earlier this year.

KB5000842 also removes the old version of the Edge internet browser. As you know, when Windows 10 was released, the original Edge version that came with it was not well accepted, and a brand new Edge version was developed using the Chromium web engine a few years ago. This version was welcomed.

Let’s also underline that the KB5000842 update will come to users running Windows 10 20H2 (last major release) and Windows 10 2004.


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