PlayStation was very successful in putting so much effort into the Dualsense, as this control really made us feel a generation jump on consoles, at least until we discovered the drift problem.

Sony continues to research new technologies to improve its products, and a recently discovered patent drew attention for one of its innovations.

As strange as it may seem, in one of the diagrams they suggest that you could play video games using an ordinary banana, although taking advantage of a new technology.

A document published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed the details of a new technology developed by PlayStation, with which it could say goodbye to the controls.

It is a camera mapping system that would allow practically any object to be used as a control, and to exemplify it they chose the diagram of a banana.

A simple fruit could be a control.
As you can see, this technology would give different instructions to games to interpret the shape of objects as buttons, and even steering wheels for racing games.

Although the idea sounds like something wonderful, it does not mean that PlayStation already has a functional device, since patents often serve to set precedent for sketches and prototypes.

All the path that is traveled to reach an innovation is recorded, and proof of this is that before the release of the PS5 it was even mentioned that the control would have a screen.

At the moment we hope that PlayStation will get to work to correct the drift problem on future consoles, or else fans will protest vigorously.

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Do you think this common object mapping technology would be a solution or a problem due to the placement of the cameras?


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