Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly one of the Xbox’s most powerful weapons against PlayStation right now. It is said that Sony has an answer to this system.

As you know, Xbox and PlayStation are rivals in the game world for a long time. Both sides have trump cards against each other, but due to the growth of the Xbox Game Pass library and the recent moves of Xbox, Xbox trumps have increased. However, a move is coming from PlayStation.

The Xbox Game Pass system is a system where you subscribe to a certain monthly fee and in return a library is available to you. It includes really high quality and popular games. PlayStation is currently working on its response to Game Pass, according to insider information from God of War creator and Twisted Metal co-creator David Jaffe. Unfortunately, no details were given as to what happened or what could happen.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan also said in the past months that they are working on something about it, but they will not reveal it yet. Unfortunately, Jim Ryan didn’t give any clues either.

A good move by PlayStation in this regard will definitely benefit the players. Currently, the Xbox Game Pass site is undoubtedly one of the most useful systems for gamers.


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