While the interest in foldable devices continues to increase, the Google company has also turned to foldable devices. Patent received.


Foldable smartphones and tablets, which are seen as a trend launched by the South Korean company Samsung, continue to be a curiosity at the moment. While technology enthusiasts around the world continue to follow with curiosity when foldable devices will be on the market, companies have started to turn to foldable devices one by one. After brands such as Samsung, Apple, OPPO, realme, the Google company has also started to make attempts for foldable devices. This morning, Google dropped like a bomb with the news that it received a new patent.

As you may remember, in the news we made in the past weeks, we stated that more than 5 million foldable phone models will be released in 2021. Days after this news, we underlined that Samsung is also working on foldable tablets. The popular search engine does not stand idle these days when the competition in the market continues. The company received new patents for future foldable devices.

Google Works on Foldable Products

Developments in foreign websites today are also stated to be working on new foldable devices of Google. In fact, we were expecting an attack in this direction from the famous company. However, we didn’t think they had progressed enough to get a patent. Anyway, let’s continue to explain the details of our news. The company filed a patent application for the hinge mechanism with slider and gear set for foldable screens. While it is still unknown what the new foldable device is, it is stated that it can be a smartphone, tablet or even a netbook. While the patent first highlights the shortcomings and problems of traditional hinge mechanisms, it also highlights the slide mechanism. Foldable devices, which will be released in 2021, started to attract the attention of users from all walks of life before they were released. We will continue to cover our news as the details come.


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