As of June 1, Google Photos free unlimited storage feature ends.

Late last year, Google announced that it will make changes to its Google Photos unlimited high-quality storage policy. It has now revealed that this new policy is planned to come into effect in just a few weeks.

Starting June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos uploaded to Google’s sharing and storage service will be included in the free 15GB capacity (or additional storage that may have been purchased as a Google One member) that comes with every Google account. Since Google account storage is shared specifically between Docs, Photos, Drive and Gmail, you will need to keep this in mind when sharing the space. Since the changes will not be valid until June 1, you have to upload as many photos and videos as you want until then. However, it should be noted that users with Pixel smartphones are exempt from this exception.

If you are currently paying for cloud services such as OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, it is also possible to download all the data you store in Google Photos and store them on your local drive or here. For this download, you can visit and use the Google Photos option.


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