Although not active as a group, EXID members still provide support for each other.

This can be seen from the presence of Hani and Junghwa who appeared backstage to provide support to his group one partner, Solji who debuted solo with the single album ‘Rains Again’ on July 12 on the music program ‘Inkigayo’.

While backstage, the two of them took the opportunity to capture the moment of taking a picture together with a photo shared by Solji by writing the caption, “Thank you to you both, I am truly happy today. I love you, “wrote Solji.

He also added a hashtag which said, “Heeyeon [Hani’s real name] and Junghwa came to support me. They are very reliable, and I ‘I’m grateful. I love you all.”

Solji himself is currently busy with promoting his solo debut after releasing the single album ‘Rains Again’ on July 9, 2020.


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