The Honor 50 series is the first flagship device to be released after breaking the brand’s commitment with Huawei!


Chinese manufacturer Honor manufactures its first flagship device after breaking its loyalty to the Huawei side. According to the information we have, the Honor 50 series will be delivered in the first half of the year. In fact, according to a Weibo user, the devices will arrive in June! The release dates of the devices are planned to be uncertain, but therefore we do not have an exact date. However, we have compiled what is known about the devices for you. Let’s examine the devices together!

Knowing About Honor 50 Series

The company introduced the Honor V40 series as the previous device. This series used the MediaTek Dimensity chip. Nevertheless, it was thought that this device still carried traces from Huawei in the market. Now, the company will launch its first flagship device after declaring its independence. Honor 50 will appear as a brand new device in all its meanings. There are quite a few leaks about the device on the internet. The color of the series will be a choice close to the color called Sky Blue. So what are the features of the device?

The device comes with a dual camera design on the back. In both cameras, the ringed camera frame design, which we have seen for the first time in Xiaomi and is pleasing to the eye, is used. In addition to these two cameras, there is also a LED flash on the back. It should also be noted that of the two cameras on the back of the device, the one below seems to have a slightly larger sensor.

We also have some information about the Pro model of the device. For example, it is known that the processor it will use will be the Snapdragon 888 chipset and there will be a 50MP resolution sensor in addition to a quad structure as the rear main camera.

According to a claim, it is said that there will be only two models of the device. One will be the standard model while the other will be the Pro model. Again, the same claim says that the Honor 50 model will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset. According to this claim, the device will be introduced in one day in May. When it comes to predictions, it is thought that OLED screens will be accommodated in 4,000mAh battery size and 8GB RAM options. Let’s see if the predictions will be correct, we will see over time.

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