A mayor in Peru broke into a coffin and pretended to be detained when he was caught in violation of the quarantine rules.

Jamie Rolando Urbina Torres, Mayor of Tantara county in the province of Castrovirreyna in the south of Peru, went to drink with friends on Monday, not following the quarantine rules and social distance measures.

The alcoholic drink group hid in coffins made to coronavirus patients with the effect of drunkenness, and did not go to the police station after the police realized the situation, and pretended to be dead.

Torres and his friends thought that their tricks were working, lying still in a mask in a coffin, while the police took their photos before detaining the group. Police noted that when he was arrested, Torres was very drunk.

Tores had been criticized by the public in Peru, which had been declared quarantine about a month ago, before taking the epidemic seriously and not following security measures.


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