In the past few days, images of the famous YouTuber Jake Paul and his team took part in the looting events in Arizona. US police launched an investigation against Paul, although Paul announced that they were there to view the incident.

YouTuber Jake Paul and his team were spotted in one of the looting events that occurred during the ongoing actions in the U.S. recently. The images of YouTuber, displayed during the looting of a shopping center in Arizona, quickly spread across social media networks.

Jake Paul, who was criticized by many people, explained that he and his team did not participate in the looting events, but only viewed the event. “Neither me nor anyone in our group has ever been involved in looting or vandalism,” said Paul. “We had a day doing our part to peacefully protest one of the scariest injustices that our country has seen.”

Jake Paul faces two separate charges

Despite Jake Paul’s comments, US police launched an investigation against the famous YouTuber. Jake Paul, who has 20 million subscribers on YouTube, is being investigated on charges of illegal action and vandalism.

In the images published from the loot events, there is no view that Jake Paul is particularly interested in looting. Only in a video shared on Twitter, Paul appears to have bought a stolen bottle from someone else.

Police officials, who made a statement about the investigation against Jake Paul, explained that Paul was accused of not leaving the area after the action at the mall was declared illegal and asked to leave the area by the police.

The famous YouTuber said, “Let’s focus on George Floyd and Black Lives Matter,” after he tweeted about the investigation about him. Paul’s tweet was soon appreciated by thousands of people.

Picture of Jake Paul in loot


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