While the protests that started after George Floyd’s death as a result of police violence turned the USA into a fire place, the Change.org campaign, Justice for George Floyd, was signed by more than 13 million people and was the most participated Change.org campaign was.

TheChange.org campaign, Justice for George Floyd, launched because of the murder of African American US citizen George Floyd while detained by a police officer in Minneapolis, was signed by more than 13 million people.

The digital petition, which has taken firm steps towards reaching the total signature target of 13.5 million, has been recorded as the Change.org campaign, which has collected the most signatures of all time. In the incident in Minneapolis, one of the cities of the state of Minnesota, Floyd, who was laid down on the ground despite being unarmed and handcuffed at the back, died as a result of the police officer pressing his neck with his knee.

Despite Floyd’s desperate cries of “I can’t breathe” and the people who took him on video, the police officer, who continued to push the knee into the man’s neck, was arrested for causing third degree murder and second degree death.

This tragic incident led to mass protests in more than 70 cities of the USA, primarily in Minneapolis. In the shows that entered its ninth day, while the tension did not drop for a moment, US President Donald Trump stated that he could use the army to suppress the protests.

Kellen S., coordinator of the Justice for George Floyd campaign, said, “More than 13 million people signed this campaign. So this is now the biggest Change.org petition of all time. And it still continues to get support. One of four men responsible for this terrible murder is in custody. Our message is high and clear: We will not stop until justice is achieved for George. ”

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As stated above, police officer Derek Chauvin, who caused Floyd’s death, was arrested after the incident. The other three officers involved in the arrest were dismissed from the profession. In the meantime, let’s put together the information that Derek Chauvin’s wife Kellie Chauvin abandoned her husband and applied to the court for divorce. You can find the Change.org campaign, Justice for George Floyd, here.


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