The young CEO and soloist, Kang Daniel revealed that he was preparing for the next album.

In his interview during a photo shoot for @ star1 magazine, Kang Daniel shared many things with his readers, from his future plans, to his regrets of not being able to meet fans in the difficult times of the Pandemic COVID-19.

Soloist who in March released the first mini album ‘CYAN’ is said to be ending his promotion soon.

But he later told fans, “I’m getting ready for the next album” and added, “The first step is always the hardest, so I have spent a lot of time thinking about my attitude and music because this album is the first step of a new project.”

In addition, Kang Daniel also shared his remorse during the ‘CYAN’ promotion. “If I have to mention one regret, I can’t meet fans directly because of coronavirus (COVID-19).”

“I expected it to some extent, but in the end it really hurt me. I can feel the lack of energy because the fans who are always cheering and listening to me aren’t there. However, I’m glad people enjoyed my music. ”

The singer also gave a hint of his upcoming comeback by saying, “I have a problem with songs like ‘2U,’ so I had a lot of difficulties in the early stages of preparing the song. My next album consists of songs that I am confident about, but I will try my best and not be arrogant. ”

How do you think Kang Daniel’s comeback will be like? Let’s wait


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