Former NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle was recently interviewed by talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy. During the session, “The Original Bro” spoke about Kurt Angle, revealing that he would have loved working with him either as rivals or as manager. His statements below (transcript courtesy of Fightful):

“You know what went through my mind at first? There’s the directive thing, but in my head, and I may just be being greedy, when I see Kurt Angle, even though I like him and we get along. Well, I know I could make a lot of money by beating up Kurt Angle. ”

“I really hoped it would cost me the cage match and then ‘The Bro’ would blow up and beat up Kurt Angle. A few Deadlift German Suplex for an Olympic medalist by the ‘Stallion’? People at home would be like ‘ no, it fell on his head. ‘Because I would be like that. It would have been crazy. ”

“He could also have been my manager and we would have had a run-in with Baron Corbin because Corbin finished his career, and now he is in a new phase and says ‘this is my brother’ and then I beat Corbin up, which he could do That would have been great too. But I have to say that even if Kurt is not there and I still beat Corbin up, it would still be great. So everything is fine. “


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