The crypto money market continues to grow exponentially. The possibility of these currencies to be an effective means of payment in the coming years may increase the trust among investors and become a more common financial instrument. Although almost everyone takes a positive attitude regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the changing and developing economic order, growth pains come with it. At this point, the digital ecosystem “DBX” comes into play, minimizes risks while finding brand new investment ways, and offers investors who want to earn income the opportunity to easily manage their assets.


Decentralization is considered the most valuable feature of cryptocurrencies. These coins, which are not subject to any central authority, do not rely on words that will come out between the lips of anyone, so institutions such as banks cannot determine the price. Cryptocurrencies, which traditional currencies envy, survive only depending on the balance of supply and demand.

However, besides these good features, there are some problems. High levels of volatility make cryptocurrency investment very risky. In addition, platforms that meet the simple trading needs of individual investors today are quite insufficient to minimize these risks, which, as if this were not enough, offers a nightmare experience to the small investor with extraordinary commission rates. Despite all the commissions, it can sometimes take hours to complete a transaction.

The digital ecosystem “DBX” focuses on these problems and gives great importance to technological developments. The platform attaches great importance to providing a comfortable experience for its users by providing a high level of information security. The most important feature of DBX is to ensure the gradual and sustainable growth of the DBX token volume by developing and applying the tools demanded by the market. In summary, DBX wants to show a gradual and full rise, unlike platforms that rise to a frenzy of supply and demand and then suddenly go out.


What is DBX?

DBX is a digital ecosystem registered under Turkish jurisdiction. This versatile ecosystem includes a number of projects running on several blockchains despite being a single platform. Ecosystem is simply defined as “an investment fund that manages borrowed assets”.

Turkey falling under the jurisdiction of the judiciary “DBX” ecosystem, 2021-2025 years in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Dubai, Shanghai, Zurich and opening up 18 customers, mainly in the capital of Sao Paulo and is scheduled to interact. Thus, the institutional actors of the financial world will be able to pay much more attention to the DBX token.

Blockchain has never been closer to investors. The company has already started working with the Chinese kriptomat ATM manufacturer.

The first will be applied to countries in Europe, Turkey, Russia and Hong Kong.

So what will happen in these cities?

  • Crypto money ATM services,
  • Card service,
  • E-commerce services,
  • They are planning to offer multi-faceted advantages such as investment tools in financial markets.
  • DBX is currently creating a partner pool that brings together ICO projects, financial companies, banks, payment systems, online stores and much more.

The DBX team, which focuses on the problems of the crypto money market and focuses on solving them effectively, sees the concept of security as a basic column in this framework; It wants to provide these solutions from an authorized person by creating an accredited platform that complies with international safety standards and works legally.

When we look at the development process of the DBX token, we see that this asset has become a digital financial asset, a decentralized distributed database (blockchain) system using cryptographic algorithms. The system created meets all the core values ​​of the crypto community. These include valuable features that solve some typical problems in advance, such as anonymity, decentralization, cryptocurrency exchangeability, and high transaction speed.

The DBX network, on the other hand, is based on several significantly improved blockchains that allow to eliminate the shortcomings of other cryptocurrencies and forks along with Bitcoin. The platform also consists of active algorithms that secure transactions. These networks consist of “Quark” Algorithm, “Zerocoin” Anonymous Protocol and “ERC-20” Smart Contract Protocol. The main purpose of using “Quark” and “Zerocoin” is to provide a high level of protection for users against hacking attacks. The second platform algorithm used is the widely recognized “ERC-20” protocol, which is integrated into the ecosystem to increase the communication of an asset in the digital space.

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In addition, DBX using Masternode 2.0 is designed to be completely protected from direct or indirect effects of any natural or legal person. The project team; It succeeded in creating a cryptocurrency network that can be used comfortably and securely for instant payments, daily purchases and staking. Manage payments for DBX token holders

There are no restrictions and transaction fees are extremely low.

The purpose of DBX is not only to ensure the storage of assets, but also to create a secure investment asset that allows them to be used directly without intermediaries for completely different purposes. Users who use DBX in financial transactions will automatically become an investor investing in the technological projects of the digital field. These investors will also contribute to the development and growth of their investment portfolios by using DBX.

The DBX token, on the other hand, is a decentralized asset that eliminates the need for investors to use fiat currencies to enter other investment areas. This token makes the DBX investment system flexible and contributes to increased people’s interest in the cryptocurrency market.


How will the DBX token be sold?

In DBX, which will be launched with a crowdsale (crowd sale), the project team wants to create an innovative and profitable investment vehicle. Every investor who makes an investment decision to earn income; income, risk, etc. He can evaluate the criteria and choose the most suitable tool to work on the platform according to his preferences.

According to the terms of sale, the total number of DBX tokens will be 17.6 billion tokens. 8 billion of this will be provided by a monthly smart dividend distribution of 3% to each user of the balance in their wallets. Thus, the DBX platform will give the user the right to reward their trust in a digital asset at the first stage of the platform’s development during the creation of the network and the connection of communication to all possible sources.

The platform will also distribute the award in its own decentralized blockchain to its users. It is planned to use 1 billion 760 million tokens for the placement of the IEO. In order to reduce investor risks, the platform plans to limit the free sale of tokens for 93 days after IEO.

Technical sales details

- Name: DBX, Ticker: DBX

- Platform: PIVX / ETH

- Type: Fork / ERC 20

- IEO cost: 0.0642

- Limitation: none

- Unsold tokens: kept for future subscriptions.

Return on investment: 3% per month for Masternode

- Accepted purchase methods: All major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are accepted.

- Total number of tokens (coins): 17,600,000,000

- Private Sale and Public Sale (coin): 1,760,000,000

- Masternode Staking (coin):

Exchange sales (coins): 3.500.000.000
Reserve (coin): 3.500.000.000
- Bounty Reward + Referral Program (coin): 300,000,000

- Marketing (coin): 500,000,000

Pricing during the sales process

Major institutional investors around the world follow the project closely. According to the DBX statement, the sale of IEO tokens on one of the top 10 exchanges will amount to $ 66 million. The implementation of the project is planned in 6 stock exchanges until the end of the year. Negotiations continue with the anonymous investors group for the bulk purchase of crypto money. The company predicts that it will have great difficulties meeting demand on the day of IEO.


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