To the rhythm of “Stuck In The Middle With You”, actor Michael Madsen has paid tribute to his most iconic scene in “Reservoir Dogs”, a movie with which Quentin Tarantino debuted as a filmmaker.

The camera travels between the different spaces and rooms of the house, showing us how each of the members of the Madsen family have bloody bandages on one of his ears, to finally rebel the actor with the classic outfit of the waist movie up, dancing to the rhythm of the song just like her character.

In “Reservoir Dogs,” Madsen is part of a gang of criminals who have planned a robbery at a jewelry store, which they say has gone wrong.

Her character, Mr. Blonde, has taken one of the policemen hostage. At first with the intention of getting information out of him, then for fun, Mr. Blonde decides to torture him to the rhythm of the now dark song by the band Stealer’s Wheel, cutting off one of his ears while he dances.

The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel QT8: The First Eight, a documentary that chronicles the first eight Tarantino movies, with the participation of people who were part of its productions.


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