Chips at the heart of solid state drives continue to be overstocked. As the situation continues to increase, a decrease in average prices is expected.

Although the hardware world has been discussing the stock shortage in processors and graphics cards in recent months, the stock surplus situation in the DRAM and NAND Flash market continues to get serious.

Famine on the one hand and abundance on the other
The DRAM shortage, which ended with an exponential increase in RAM prices just a few years ago, was replaced by abundance for a long time, followed by falling prices. The production surplus in the NAND Flash market continues to increase.

According to the latest report, the end-user SSD inventory is ahead of the surplus in the DRAM market. The surplus in stocks will increase by 6% due to the failure of OEM manufacturers to make the expected purchases and the decrease in notebook production in the first quarter of the year.

On top of that, the price drop of 10-15% is expected in the first quarter of next year, with manufacturers starting to ship their 128-layer NAND Flash for testing and the second manufacturer in the USA to start producing QLC SSDs.


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