Netflix has become one of the most popular platforms with the quarantine days. Because most of us watch TV series, movies or various documentaries to spend time on the Netflix application installed on our TVs.

However, the number of people who do this through their smart phones is not less. In this regard, we can clearly state that the company attaches a special importance to its mobile application. It is possible to understand this from the updates made from time to time. Now, a new update for the mobile application has come to the fore.

Netflix mobile app gets the expected feature!

The “Voice Only” feature, which YouTube Premium users are also familiar with, may recently come to people using the Netflix app on their phones. Because the data revealed by XDA Developers, known for data mining, tells us this. The XDA Developers team is looking for and sharing clues about future updates from the software. Research carried out in October gives the good news that the “Voice Only” feature will soon be available to the Netflix mobile application.

As everyone knows, while watching any content from Netflix, when we put the application to the back, the content stopped. With this feature, the application will now continue to work in the back and users will only hear the sound of the movie, series or documentary they watch. This is a very useful feature for many people, for example, when we receive messages on our phone, we will now be able to look at them easily. The app will continue to run in the background, and after replying to the message, we’ll be able to reopen what we’re watching if we want.


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