The American promoter ICW: No Holds Barred announced this Wednesday the end of his relations with the independent fighter Chris Dickinson. The New Jersey (United States) company explained that this decision was made in response to Dickinson’s refusal to work on an evening that they had previously agreed to.

“We have been informed that Dickinson will not be able to participate in our July 4th event because ‘he cannot go against his team’, so we have decided to break all professional relationships with Chris. We wish him and his team the best. “ICW expressed in his official Twitter profile.

According to the promoter, Dickinson had promised to work on his two ‘Death Match Drive-In’ evenings, on June 27 and July 4, but now that he has given up fighting on the July 4 one to go to Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), have decided to withdraw him from the first one, in which he was scheduled to face Tony Deppen, who will now face Dominic Garrini.

Chris Dickinson defends himself against charges

For his part, the fighter soon made use of his networks to defend himself against the accusations of those who called him “unfair” and “having burned yet another bridge.” Dickinson recalled that he only asked to be removed from an event and that he had no intention of not showing up for the function on the 27th.

“If someone has a problem with canceling appearances or choosing to work with one company over another, that’s my business and there are reasons no one else should care. I wanted to work with ICW for the show on the 27th, but not the July 4, and it was ICW’s decision to withdraw from the 27th, “explained the New York fighter on Twitter.

Dickinson publicly apologized for the potential problems caused and wished ICW the best of luck for his next two roles and the future. “If it bothered you, I’m sorry, but it’s my decision,” he concluded.

Dickinson and ICW, a recurring problem this year

Paraphrasing the words of the fighter himself, Dickinson decided to cancel his appearance on ICW to work in what he considers his home, GCW, which on Tuesday announced the celebration of a new function of ‘Backyard Wrestling’ on July 4. Since returning to the company in 2017, Dickinson has become one of GCW’s own names, with great performances that allowed him to travel to Japan last February to face talents such as Yuji Okabayashi or Daisuke Sekimoto.

The tensions between Dickinson and ICW, however, come from behind. Before the cancellation of ‘WrestleMania Weekend’ by COVID-19, Chris Dickinson was scheduled to fight at ICW: No Holds Barred and GCW the same day, against Masashi Takeda and Minoru Suzuki, respectively. Plans changed when, with two weeks to go until events, Dickinson announced that he was canceling his match at ICW because GCW Bloodsport promoter Josh Barnett had asked him to be free that day to prepare for the fight against Suzuki.

As a result of this change, ICW and Dickinson began to exchange a series of accusations on social networks that fell on deaf ears when all functions were canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. With the ICW announcements for their ‘Death Match Drive-In’ events it seemed that both sides had improved their relationships, but the ‘double booking’ incident on July 4 ended breaking them.



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