Rust became a phenomenon again after several YouTubers launched Egoland, a server where various personalities go head to head in epic battles.



Auronplay is one of the participants in this project, but in a short time his image will become part of the game.

If you’re a fan of this youtuber, you’ll be glad to know that they recently added content inspired by his image to Rust, and you can get it too.

Facepunch Studios went to work as soon as they saw the game dramatically increase in popularity, and in addition to preparing rewards on Twitch, they will also have additional content.

Through his official Twitter account, Auronplay revealed to his followers that the studio contacted him for a special project, as they will include content inspired by his person in Rust.

After waiting a couple of days, it was revealed that said collaboration was about a sweatshirt that has a drawn version of her face printed on it, and since we know you want to see it, we leave it below.

Rust was reborn from the ashes thanks to Egoland, and since this is a joint project with several personalities, it would not be strange if they thought about adding more cosmetics inspired by them.

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At the moment no other streamer has commented on something similar, but since this second wind is due to Spanish content creators, it would be great if they added something from Rubius, Ibai or Alexby11, but we’ll see.

Rust’s rebirth is just beginning, and after surpassing 1 million viewers, it will surely invite more players to try the experience.

If you have not played it, you can find it in the Steam store for $ 246 Mexican pesos, although we recommend that you play with friends or you could suffer a little.


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