Korean netizens gave their defense related to defamation cases involving Park Kyung Block B.

As previously reported, the Seoul Seongdong Police Station reported that they had submitted Park Kyung’s case file to the prosecutor on charges without detention.

Previously Park Kyung had indeed been sued on defamation charges, after mentioning the names of several South Korean musicians whom he considered to have just done a strategy or manipulation of music charts.

The Seven Seasons agency also confirmed the report, saying, “We have confirmed that the police will send Park Kyung to the prosecutor’s office. We will sincerely cooperate in the investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office in the future. ”

Responding to the news, Korean netizens immediately flocked to give their defense to Park Kyung. Like the comments seen on the Nate website:

“Spreading false rumors? Then the ‘The It Know’ program also lied? Then what about the evidence that has come out so far? ”

“Hah? What did I just read? Spreading false rumors? ”

“This only makes the perpetrators even more arrogant,”

“Did they even properly investigate theegiiti case?”

“Park Kyung, who is excited,” and many other supporting comments.

Previously Park Kyung also received a lot of support from netizens, because they dared to speak out about the practice of strategy which has recently been rife in the South Korean music industry.


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