Pleco Smart Water Watch set collects magnetic data with the help of the sensor you connect to your water meter and allows you to view them as statistics by processing them on the cloud server.

Just days before the CES 2021 virtual fair, initiatives started to make their announcements. Pleco smart water meter aims to analyze the water usage in your home and present it with statistics on its special screen.

Pleco Smart Water Watch features and price
Pleco Smart Water Watch is prepared as a set. No special repairs are required to be applied to the water meter. Advanced sensor; the meter magnetically collects the signals of the moving parts in the pipe that is used to operate. In this respect, it is sufficient to wrap it around the meter.

The magnetic sensor is connected to the transmitter module by a cable. This module connects to the home network and transmits the data it receives to cloud servers. Servers process the data and send it to the mini tablet in the set as statistics. If you wish, you can also get statistics from mobile applications.

The smart water meter has the ability to detect various problems such as flow rate of water, usage rates according to the hours of the day, daily-weekly-monthly analyzes, and even water leaks. In this way, residents of the house can use water more efficiently. The Pleco Smart Water Watch set has a price tag of $ 249. $ 5 per month is required for data subscription.


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