Real Madrid footballer refuses to cut his salary and then regrets. Toni Kroos , a Real Madrid footballer , expressed his opposition to reducing the players’ salary , arguing that resources do not always go where they should.

The German footballer , Toni Kroos , attacker of Real Madrid, was harshly criticized after making some declarations in which he spoke out against the reduction of the salary of the players before the health contingency due to the Coronavirus, which has seriously affected the soccer industry as well as others.

Toni Kroos presented his arguments

“A pay cut is like a donation to nothing or to the club. Everyone is invited to help when needed.” I am in favor of paying the full salary and each doing sensible things with him. “Everyone is asked to help where necessary, and there are many places where it is necessary,” Kroos said in an interview for the German portal SWR Sport.

Given these statements by Toni Kroos , criticism of the world champion with the German team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was swift, as some fans considered him to be unsupportive in light of the current situation facing the clubs. , as well as the entire Iberian country due to the pandemic

It should be noted that during the talk, Kroos also assured that Real Madrid had no financial problems to keep the salaries of its staff intact. However, this Wednesday the Madrid club announced a reduction of between 10% and 20% in the salaries of its players and coaches for the first soccer and basketball teams.


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