Rob Manfred is not sure that there will be a 2020 season. For a few days already, there had been hope in the MLB. Why? Because the idea of ​​seeing the season start on July 10 was cast in stone. At least that’s what Rob Manfred said.

Things, he says, have changed, however. Due to the refusal of the Players’ Association to negotiate in good faith, he does not see how a season could be imposed.

This is what made him say, publicly, that he is no longer certain that the 2020 season will be contested.

Is it just a way of negotiating in the media? It’s easy to believe so … but it doesn’t smell good.

An hour ago, it was already starting to smell bad …

What makes the commissioner doubt now is the fact that the MLBPA announced this morning the intention to continue the league if it imposes a season of 50 games.

Basically, we are talking about the players’ plan to raise another billion dollars by pursuing the league. On what basis? By imposing 50 games, Manfred would not have respected the clause which requires that the longest possible season be contested.

Until then, MLBPA’s refusal to negotiate means that the sanitary conditions for returning to play cannot be negotiated properly.

Earlier today, the MLB reportedly sent a letter to the players telling them that without a signature relieving them of any legal claim against the league, there would be no season.

And we doubt that it pleased the players …

Let’s see what happens next. Are you confident?

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  • Do you have a friend who spent a week in the woods? Show him this, he’ll understand everything.

  • Here is one who is not happy.
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  • When I saw this, I told myself that I was going to keep it for MLB in short. Finally, it looks like the joke is going less, right?


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