A new claim about aliens is that former Israeli space security chief Prof. It came from Haim Eshed. Saying that aliens exist, but people do not appear before us because they think they are not ready for this situation, Eshed said that Donald Trump wants to explain the existence of aliens, but that aliens do not.

Do aliens really exist? Are they wandering between us?

A remarkable claim has been made about aliens, which has been the subject of the world’s most debated conspiracy theories for a long time. Former Israeli space security chief Prof. In the statement made by Haim Eshed, there were statements that aliens actually exist, but that people did not appear because they were not yet ready for this truth. Eshed, who is 87, says he knew this information long before, and that the circumstances are not appropriate to explain. He states that if he mentions what he said years ago, he would be viewed as crazy and could be hospitalized. Eshed states that as people changed their perspective to aliens, they decided to tell what they knew.

Prof. According to Haim Eshed, the aliens signed a deal with the United States. The subject of this agreement was that the aliens wanted to make various searches on Earth. Stating that aliens are trying to understand the secrets of the universe just like humans, the professor says that aliens want to help people. Haim Eshed, who manages Israel’s space programs, also mentioned Donald Trump in his statements. According to Eshed, the former US president wanted to explain the existence of aliens, but the aliens did not allow it. Because they thought people were still not ready for aliens to exist.


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