A woman appeared at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai auto show; She protested the company, claiming that she had an accident because the brakes were not working.

Images were also reflected in the press.Tesla’s autopilot feature has been involved in many accidents since the first day. Although these are under investigation by the relevant authorities, customers are not satisfied. Especially there are complaints that the autopilot did not activate the brake in time. These complaints turned into protests.

Shock protest against Tesla
Amateur footage from the Shanghai auto show shows a woman protesting on a Tesla car. The woman claims that she had an accident with the Tesla vehicle a while ago and the brakes were not activated.

While the woman was continuing her protests on the vehicle, it is seen that the security officers also tried to drive away the visitors who were trying to take images. Who this woman or what the content of the accident was unknown.

Tesla has not made an official statement yet, but Elon Musk stated that the probability of accidents with the autopilot feature is 10 times less than the accident with the driver. Some sources think the protest could be a theater of rival companies.


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