Sony can use different types of fans for the cooling of PlayStation 5 game consoles.
PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said that there is not a single PS5 console left in the world. Sony’s new game console broke sales records and you might be one of those people who managed to own it. However, your PS5 may be louder than other

consoles.Sony apparently uses different types of fans inside the consoles. French tech site Les Numériques noticed that the review device from Sony was quieter than a console purchased at retail. The tech publication then dismantled different game consoles and discovered some differences.

As seen in the photo below, the quieter fan has 23 thin blades. The fan purchased from the retail store consists of 17 blades that are noticeably thicker. Fans with fewer blades generally need high power to spin faster. In this context, it works louder to provide sufficient cooling.

You can remove the white side panels to control the PlayStation 5’s fans. However, it would be unwise to try to replace the fans as the warranty will be voided.

For most consumers, stocks are more of a problem than noisy fans. As a matter of fact, stock problems are experienced in many technological devices recently. Behind this situation are supply problems as well as high demand.


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