One of the top names in the fight against the Corona virus epidemic in the United States. Deborah Birx expressed concerns about Americans not taking the disease seriously, along with steps taken to bring life back to normal in the country.

In the USA, where the loss of life due to the virus dates to 100 thousand, images from the beaches and pools on the weekend did not comply with the social distance rules.

The White House Corona Virus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx warned of paying attention to social distance rules during the long weekend break, including Monday, as part of the National Memorial Day. Birx said that those who have undergone the disease without showing symptoms will inadvertently infect the virus.

“Loss of life up to August can exceed 140 thousand”

President Donald Trump claimed in a message he shared on Twitter that the number of cases and casualties across the country decreased.

Although the number of new cases is decreasing in some states, the situation is different in each state. Officials warn that the number of new cases, particularly in the two major cities, Los Angeles and Chicago, and the capital Washington, is alarming. Health experts say the loss of life in the U.S. can exceed 140,000 by early August.

In a statement Friday, U.S. President Trump ordered state governors to open places of worship. Lawyers say Trump is not authorized to do so.

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Birx: “I watched those who refused mask warnings sadly”

Speaking to Fox TV, Dr. Deborah Birx warned that going to places of worship would not be safe for those with other health problems. Birx also said that in some markets, officials were sadly watching customers who refused mask warnings on the grounds that they had constitutional rights.

Noting that there are clear and scientific evidence that unmasked people will infect the virus with others, the official stated that the mask prevents the virus from infecting others.

“Double digit unemployment rates may continue during the election”

In the country where 38 million Americans were unemployed due to the epidemic, almost a quarter of the labor force applied for unemployment benefits in the last 9 weeks. The unemployment rate, which was 14.7 in April, is estimated to exceed 20 percent in May.

Speaking to CNN television, White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said the double-digit unemployment rate could continue during the presidential elections in November.

Hassett noted that there will be a slower course in unemployment, although there is an expectation of economic recovery in the second half of the year. He added that if the vaccine could be produced in July, he could draw a more optimistic picture.

American health officials do not expect the virus to be developed against the virus before mid-2021.

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