The Last of Us managed to captivate PlayStation users with its first installment, because in addition to introducing us to Joel and Ellie, it laid the foundations for the creation of a terrifying world.



In the months after its release, players found several easter eggs within the game, but recently one appeared that had gone unnoticed.

After eight years, and the release of a sequel, a fan of The Last of Us found a secret that had gone unnoticed by everyone, until now.

The first installment in the series arrived on PlayStation 3 in 2013, receiving a host of positive reviews for its story and gameplay.

Although eight years have passed since The Last of Us premiere, a fan discovered an easter egg never before seen in the game, and after watching the process to find it you will understand why.

Anthony Caliber recently showed a gameplay where he found a reference to the Cordyceps mushroom, which appears on television right after starting the game.

If you remember, when you control Joel’s daughter there comes a time when you see a screen with the news, and this is precisely where the secret is hidden.

If you follow the normal story, you will simply see a transmission that is interrupted with an explosion, but if you go down the stairs, register the save point and restart the game, you will find the image of an ant infected with the Cordyceps fungus.

Simple, but very difficult to find.

Although this Easter egg from The Last of Us seems somewhat simple, it is interesting that they have hidden it so well.

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Even Anthony himself comments that it is very strange that the steps to find it are so specific.


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