OnePlus brand, one of the famous names of the smartphone market, came up with a new phone. OnePlus EB2103 will be on the market soon.


As we continue to leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, brand new phones continue to be released. While Samsung and Xiaomi, which made a bombastic entry into 2021, continue to outpace their competitors, some phone manufacturers continue to say we are in this race, although they are lagging behind. Undoubtedly, one of these phone manufacturers is the OnePlus company. The company, trying to catch up with its competitors with different phones, came up with some news that it produced a new smartphone today. OnePlus EB2103 appeared on the horizon.

With each passing day, competition in the smartphone market continues to increase. As you may remember, many news we have made in the past months have stated that the OnePlus company is working on new phones, and we have mentioned that one or more of these phone models may emerge soon. It happened and the company’s new smartphone appeared. While the phone model, which is expected to be the continuation of the Nord N10, is numbered as EB2103, it is stated that the model may be the Nord N20.

OnePlus EB2103 Preparing to Sign Out

The smartphone with version number EB2103, which is known to have a substantially similar design to the Nord 10, will have a huge screen size of 6.49 inches. The phone, which is known to be thinner and shorter than the old models, will include a triple camera system, not a quad camera system. The phone model, which is known to have a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back cover, will also place the power button on its side. As details continue to come about the phone, which is expected to be launched as Nord 20, we will continue to include our news.


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