IU and Suga BTS won the all-kill certified title with their collaboration song titled ‘Eight’.

As of Friday (05/08) at 7:30 KST, the song ‘Eight’ has been certified as an all-kill on the South Korean music chart.

The predicate was obtained by IU and Suga after the song ‘Eight’ ranked first on the Melon, Genie, Bugs, Soribada, FLO and VIBE charts, as well as the realtime chart on the iChart site.

If the song ‘Eight’ also successfully ranked first on the weekly chart of iChart, then the song ‘Eight’ will get the title of perfect all-kill.

In addition to the South Korean music chart, previously the song ‘Eight’ also managed to top the iTunes chart in various countries.

Congratulations to IU and Suga!


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