In the USA, the Trump administration has made a decision to remove the protections provided to “LGBT individuals” for “no discrimination in the field of health” and to consider only the “female” or “male” genders.

Washington dc

“The main meaning of the word gender is ‘biologically determined female and male’ genders. The government’s gender discrimination will depend on it,” the written statement from the US Department of Health and Human Services. statement was given.

The “President” of the US President Donald Trump administration was expected to make this decision in line with the demand of the management to refuse to treat people who are contrary to their beliefs.

On the other hand, a group of “rights advocates” and the health group said they were “concerned” that this decision paved the way for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies not to grant LGBT individuals the right to treatment or insurance.

A law issued in the period of former US President Barack Obama forbade doctors from refusing to treat people for their “sexual identity.” With this step of the Trump administration, this law will be invalidated.


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