One of the most popular social media applications today, Twitter is working on a paid subscription system Source: Twitter is working on a new subscription system

Twitter, which is one of the popular social media platforms, is working on a new subscription platform according to a new job list published. According to this list, Twitter has set the code name of this project as ‘Gryphon’

The company calls this subscription service “a first for Twitter”, which can be reused by other teams. So what is this Gryphon, which takes its code name from a mythical creature in many mythologies?

Twitter’s Gryphon job posting

Twitter used the following statements in its published work list: “Gryphon is a team of internet engineers who work closely with Payments and teams. We are looking for ‘full-stack’ engineers who will manage the Payment and Subscription customer affairs, place the emphasis on cooperation as much as we do, and act as a bridge for the engineer team.

”However, after this announcement attracted the attention of the media, the company; The in-house teams rearranged the ad by deleting the subscription and parts of Gryphon. After the announced advertisement, it was stated that an Android engineer, who would work with the ‘backend’ engineer team, was sought. The company, which later changed the job announcement, put the details that it mentioned earlier in the advertisement again.

It is likely that the company is working on a way of monetizing its user base to access ‘premium’ content. There is currently no information on how this will work. Therefore, we have to wait for the official announcement by the company for more detailed information. It will be interesting to see what the company plans.

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