Virgin Galactic, which continues its space tourism studies at full speed, suffered a misfortune in the last test it performed. The rocket engine of the spacecraft failed to fire.

Virgin Galactic, one of the initiatives that will open the doors of space tourism, announced that the test involving SpaceShipTwo failed. The test could not be completed because the rocket engine of the vehicle, which took off from the company’s Spaceport America headquarters in New Mexico, did not fire.

Virgin Galactic announced that the spacecraft landed safely on the ground thanks to the support engines in SpaceShipTwo, and the flight personnel were in good condition.

With the investigation initiated by Virgin engineers, the cause of the failure was found in a short time. Authorities said the problem was caused by the disconnection between the rocket engine in the spacecraft and the computer that controlled it. The breakdown safety system, which was activated, canceled the firing process of the rocket engine due to the problem in question.

The Virgin team, which will examine the details of the connectivity problem at SpaceShipTwo, said the spacecraft will soon meet the sky again. The test was the first manned trial of Virgin Galactic from Spaceport America headquarters in New Mexico.


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