WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has attained a feature that its users have been waiting for a long time. WhatsApp developers have officially released the long-awaited WhatsApp dark mode on the Android beta version of the app with the previous update.

Dark mode of WhatsApp is not currently available to normal Android and iOS users. WhatsApp developers have once again updated the Android beta version of the application. With this update, the Android beta version of WhatsApp has increased to “2.20.31”.

According to the information in Webtekno, the subject matter update offers users new details about the dark mode. It seems that the dark mode of WhatsApp will offer more than what consumers expect.

Dark mode is of great importance, especially for smartphones with OLED panels. Because if consumers use apps in dark mode, they save a lot of battery. As such, consumers want all applications to have a dark mode. WhatsApp is aware of the dark mode demand of users and develops the application in this direction.

WhatsApp offers different dark color options for users who prefer dark mode for better visuality rather than battery saving. Thus, users can choose dark red, blue or different colors instead of a Jet black screen.

WhatsApp offers lilac, red, orange, blue and green color options for those who do not want a black dark mode. There is also a black color option for those who care more about battery saving.

The new Android beta version offered by WhatsApp developers includes a few minor bug fixes, except for dark mode.


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