The fact that China was the winner in the case between Xiaomi and the USA brought other companies to the gas. All-out war on America begins.


China-based companies, which were the target of the ban imposed by the former president of America, Donald Trump administration, are now considering suing the US government. This news comes after a federal judge suspended a similar ban on Xiaomi earlier this month. We can say that Xiaomi, who won the case, brought the companies of his hometown to gas.

According to a Reuters report, lawyers are grappling with counterclaims from Chinese firms. According to the information provided, Chinese companies are holding meetings with various law firms such as the well-known Steptoe & Johnson and Hogan Lovells.

Chinese firms will sue likewise after US District Judge Rudolph Contreras stopped Chinese tech giant Xiaomi from being included in the list of companies allegedly linked to the Chinese military.

According to Wendy Wysong, managing partner of Steptoe & Johnson’s Hong Kong office, Chinese companies have started reaching out to lawyers to challenge the blacklist practice. However, sources from Wysong and close Hogan Lovells refused to name the companies involved in the discussions.

America’s blacklist implementation seems to break out soon. Especially the unfair sanctions imposed on Huawei negatively affected the course of the company. We can say that America, which broke the glass by adding Xiaomi to the black list, was ridiculous. America, which constantly uses security as an excuse to prevent the rise of China, will be badly hurt. We have a promise, America; “Those who hunt are hunted.” did you know


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