Microsoft finally started offering YouTube HDR support on Xbox consoles almost 4 years ago. You can now browse HDR supported videos on the popular platform.

Xbox console owners get High Dynamic Range (HDR) video support with an update to the YouTube app. You can see whether the videos you watch are played with HDR support from the “statistics for nerds” option in the YouTube application, which you can upload to the previous generation consoles Xbox One S and X and the new generation devices Xbox Series S and X, or from the display settings tab of your television.

According to the Flat Panels HD site, HDR video support comes in 1440p 60 fps on Series S consoles and 4K 60 fps on Series X consoles. Let us remind you that Microsoft promised YouTube HDR support to Xbox consoles in 2017. The support in question could only be offered to users in 2021. It has been stated that HDR videos are shown with VP9-2 codec instead of the much more common AV1 and Series X cannot play AV1 codec supported videos. However, it is estimated that this problem will be resolved with a future update.

HDR content support on the console is actually a bit troublesome. Because when you consume HDR or Dolby Vision supported content on Xbox consoles, for example in the Netflix application, the signal is stuck in the relevant HDR support. When you upload a different and SDR content, your television continues to display the signal in HDR. This situation, which seems to be exclusive to Netflix, has not been fixed for a long time. It should be said that a similar problem has been raised by PlayStation 5 users.


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