Intel announced that 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors will come with Resizable BAR support.AMD, Intel and NVIDIA are working on a technology called Resizable BAR, which is part of the PCIe specification as you know.

With this technology, the information transfer between the CPU and GPU becomes more efficient. In addition, thanks to the technology that the CPU can access the entire VRAM of the graphics card, multiple requests can be made at the same time.

Another explanation about this technology, which offers users a noticeable performance increase, came from Intel. The hardware manufacturer has recently announced that the 11th Generation Rocket Lake processors will come with the Resizable BAR feature. In addition, the company stated that this feature will be compatible with Intel Z490 PCIe 4.0 motherboards.

At the same time, the company, which made some statements at the Tom’s Hardware Show for laptop gaming computers this week, also announced that 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors, systems equipped with H35 / H45 series chipsets and systems equipped with 10th Generation Comet Lake-H CPUs are also He said he could take advantage of the feature.

Stating that they have achieved a performance increase of 5 percent to 10 percent in games with this technology, the company announced that it will launch this feature soon.


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