SM Entertainment, known for its visuals and talents, made many fans flock to register to become trainees and debut as idols under its auspices.

However, this does not seem to be the case for the four former SM trainees who decided to leave the agency and choose their own path.

Netizens on theqoo online forum revealed four SM Entertainment trainees who were previously believed by many fans to be debuting, but in fact the four chose not to debut until they debuted at a different agency.

First is Goeun who is the oldest trainee and unnie in the group, but decides to leave the agency.

Next is Lami, who also left the agency while he was a trainee. He was initially believed to be debuting and becoming the visual maknae in the group since his photo was released, but unfortunately decided to stop.

Goeun and Lami currently reportedly chose not to have a career in the entertainment industry and live life like people in general.

Besides these two, there is Ji Hansol. The former SM trainee is said to have even appeared on reality shows and appeared on teaser trainees, but in the end chose to leave the agency.

Ji Hansol then debuted under the auspices of the J-Flo Entertainment agency in 2019 as a member of the rookie boy group New Kidd.

And the last is Haerin. Haerin is known as one of the trainees who spent a long time in SM Entertainment, but he became the first to decide to leave.

Currently, Haerin started his career as a YouTuber who recorded and shared his daily life with fans.


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