Adobe Flash was a legendary platform that has dominated our internet world for years and that many of us are familiar with, so to speak. With 202o, we left behind this program and all its extensions, which have taken a large place in our digital life for a long time. Let’s do some Adobe Flash nostalgia and take a closer look at what this great change means for us users …

The farewell day, which has been preparing for Adobe Flash for 5 years, has finally arrived!

Adobe first signaled that the end of Flash was approaching in 2015, when it advised developers to start transitioning to HTML5. In 2017, the company made an official announcement that it would cease support on December 31, 2020, and formalized the process that has been going on for 2 years. And Adobe kept its promise: Flash didn’t see the year 2021. Although Adobe says it will not block content using Flash until December 12, 2021; Companies like Microsoft and Apple have already completed the farewell to Flash process.

The reason why farewell to the flash platform took a long time, like 5 years, was that it was widely used and a huge part of the internet. Our farewell to Flash lasted so long as the platform has tools that are widely used on the internet and marked a period, from unique games (“Flash Games”) to a media player (“Flash player”).

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