It’s been almost 10 years since we saw the last of Hellsing. Kouta Hirano’s work is one of the great action and horror classics of recent years. Both manga and anime, this series gained great popularity and many people are waiting to see something new from it.

Therefore, it may be great news for fans to learn that Amazon Studios is preparing a live-action Hellsing. The adaptation is in charge of the scriptwriter of the John Wick trilogy, Derek Kolstad, who has already put to work for this new series.

According to the Deadline site, it is a movie inspired by the story of the vampire Alucard, the most powerful warrior in the Hellsing Organization. Kolstad said he was very happy to have the opportunity to make this adaptation, since he has been a fan of manga for a few years

‘Ever since my brother showed me the Hellsing manga and anime a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with adapting it. When Mike Callaghan and his team managed to acquire the rights, and then team up with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Amazon… I mean, this is a dream, ‘he said.



The John Wick trilogy was a resounding success at both the box office and the critics. Derek Kolstad did a great job with the story starring Keanu Reeves, so a good feature film adaptation of Hellsing is expected.

In addition, it will be produced by Kavanaugh-Jones and Freed Berger of Automatik; Callaghan and Reuben Liber of Ranger 7 Films, and Jason Lust of Soluble Fish Production. Tetsu Fujimura, India Osborne, Pierre Buffin and Jason Speer will serve as executive producers.

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‘I’ve always loved the vampire genre, especially when a creator is able to put his own touch on it. So when Derek introduced me to Alucard and the Hellsing Organization, he knew we had something special, ‘Callaghan admitted.


It is still necessary to know which will be the cast and who will be in charge of directing the film. And while live-action anime adaptations have historically left us with a bad taste in our mouths, knowing that this time the writer is a true Hellsing fan comforts us to a certain extent. Maybe we will see something good this time.


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