Ray Dalio admitted that bitcoin can play a good role in a balanced and diversified portfolio, and Max Keiser seems to be right from the start.


Ray Dalio’s BTC evolution

The founder of Bridgewater Associates was a famous bitcoin critic, along with numerous other prominent representatives of the traditional financial world.

Previous comments included avoiding serving as a medium of exchange due to the volatility of the asset. Last year he went even further, claiming that the cryptocurrency “does not fulfill the purposes of money”.

However, in recent months he seemed significantly more open-minded and even admitted that he might be “missing something on bitcoin”. He asked his hundreds of thousands of followers to understand what this could be and then compared him to gold.

Max Keizer, the prominent BTC advocate and host of the Keizser Report, surprised the crypto world at the time and said it was “a new bitcoiner training”.

Dalio changed his views and summed up some of his values ​​a few days ago. He also emphasized that while emphasizing the importance of a balanced and diversified portfolio, bitcoin has proven its place in an investment portfolio and that “he likes diversifying such assets.”


Did Keizer rightly anticipate this change?

As stated above, Max Keizer was one of the first to hint at the potential change coming from Dalio. Following recent positive comments by the legendary former investor, he said:

“The hedge fund industry is very competitive. Whether Dalio believes what he says or not, the magic of Bitcoin pulls it into its orbit as the price rises. Ray Dalio is now one of Bitcoin’s drones. Bitcoin is making its bid as it continues to move towards becoming the global currency standard and $ 100 trillion market value. ”

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Keizer added that others may soon follow Dalio, as his next bold prediction is Peter Schiff, one of BTC’s most vocal criticisms.


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