Bitcoin continues from where it left off after a 3-year hiatus. Leaving $ 20,000 behind, the crypto currency is dragging the market with it.

The Bitcoin price, which has become an urban legend since the end of 2017, has finally passed $ 20,000 today. No matter what price Bitcoin has bought so far, investors have made a profit.

20 thousand dollars came today
With the end of the US elections, Bitcoin, which entered a rapid rise process, soon exceeded the figure of 19 thousand dollars. However, some unfavorable circumstances and discussions of what the Mt.

Bitcoin, which has started to gain strength since the last days of the past week, finally broke all the resistances and reached over $ 20 thousand. However, it is not possible to say that other crypto currencies are returning to the past.

At the time of the big rise in late 2017, Ethereum hovered above $ 1400, XRP near $ 4, Bitcoin Cash above $ 2600, Dash above $ 1500 and LTC around $ 375. At that time, cryptocurrencies enjoyed the rise.

However, since then, thousands of cryptocurrencies have joined the market, causing investments to be split. Today, the market value has reached 600 billion dollars, but there are only around 8000 cryptocurrencies registered on Coinmarketcap.

As such, Ethereum is hovering around $ 625 today. XRP is around 50 cents. Dash hovers around $ 100, BCH $ 300, LTC around $ 90. What is next for Bitcoin after the $ 20,000 threshold is a matter of curiosity.


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