BTS : The baby elephant approved on behalf of V of BTS is adapting well to their new home ARMY is delighted!

The fans of V of BTS recently adopted a baby elephant rescued on behalf of the beloved idol  and as an adorable update, doing well in their new home !.

In June, an African V fan club , “Taehyung Africa” , adopted a baby elephant in its name through a donation to Sheldrick Wildlife Trus t, which runs an orphaned elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation in Kenya to celebrate the anniversary of the debut of the BTS member .

Meet the ARMY elephant for V!

The baby elephant, Roho (whose name means “spirit” in Swahili), had lost his mother due to illegal hunting by poachers, and has now been rescued thanks to donations from V fans .

According to international news reports and a recent update from “Taehyung Africa”, two months after his adoption, Roho is adjusting very well to his new home and family, and is even “fiercely protective” of his new family members to ARMY’s delight .

Check out the video clip of baby Roho below!


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