Chainlink price experienced a very rapid jump during the day. One of the features of this leap is the emergence of a new ascending channel.

Establishing this channel and exceeding the resistance level of $ 18 could mean that the $ 25 levels are not a very remote possibility. However, these jumps are also likely to experience small retractions that we can call the silence before the storm, so investors should be careful.

LINK had a serious drop at the end of December and almost fell into the $ 8 band. But it has experienced a rapid recovery and has gained over 110% in total to this day. When the chart is analyzed, there is a serious approach to the $ 18 resistance level and it aims to break this level.

For this breakout, she caught and maintained a nice trend throughout the day. Although the past day was shaken by the impact of the instant drop in Bitcoin, it now seems to have recovered seriously. It is expected to break this $ 18 resistance level ahead of it, with a rapid jump to the $ 22 and $ 25 levels, where it will not be forced after this break. The next values ​​of the resistance level are almost nonexistent. This suggests that there is no obstacle to a rapid rise. Currently, LINK is trading at $ 16.44.

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