Many companies are now investing in space research and studies. In fact, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla company, which is quite agenda with its electric cars, established SpaceX just for space studies. On the other hand, the Chinese car company decided to set up a satellite network. Geely, who started working, seems very ambitious in this regard.

China satellite network is established through the automobile company
The idea of ​​establishing a Chinese satellite network had been on the agenda for some time. Working with the biggest automaker in China, officials have already begun work on the satellite network. China, which applied to the largest private car manufacturer in the country in order to help meet the connection needs in the vehicle, has entered the satellite business in this context.

Chinese auto giant Geely works not only for passenger cars but also for many vehicles such as passenger aircraft, high-speed trains and trucks. At the same time, he has been working for Volva for ten years.

Geely explains its efforts to establish its own satellite with this step it takes to contribute to the smart and three-dimensional mobility ecosystem. A few days ago, the company officially announced that it would establish a satellite production facility and test center in Taizhou, the port city in Zhejiang, China.

The facility will also manufacture for different satellite networks. Explaining how much this facility exploded to the company, Reuters announced that Geely spent approximately $ 326 million for the project and will produce about 500 satellites at the end of the year.

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The fast connection, which is especially important for driverless vehicles, has been on the agenda of Geely and for years, it has been on Musk’s agenda to resolve this issue with Starlink. Of course, high-end features from autonomous vehicles are not expected at the moment, but these systems must be sown for better connections in the future.

Geely says there will be high-speed data transfer, sensitive navigation data and cloud support for satellites located in low orbit. Geely will provide “content distribution” to company owners, as well as airborne updates on their vehicles.


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