The U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon has taken a new decision on UFOs, one of the most discussed topics in the world. According to this decision, the Pentagon will share the research and findings of the UFOs twice a year.

UFOs, more precisely the findings (!) Of extraterrestrial life, are one of the most controversial topics in the world. Some people accept the existence of extraterrestrial life and express that UFOs are real, while others reject UFOs with absolute language. The fact that official statements are rarely made on this matter further enhances the mystery of the subject.

According to a report in the New York Times, the U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon has taken a new decision on work and findings on UFOs. According to the decision, the Pentagon will now make public statements about UFOs every six months.

Eric Davis, one of the Pentagon’s former UFO officials, said in a statement on the subject that a team recently found objects not made by mankind. Davis also states that he gave a secret briefing in March and that he focused on extraterrestrial vehicles in this briefing.

The main reason behind the Pentagon’s decision to make public statements; to convey the work of other countries on aviation. In fact, some people from the U.S. government also do not believe in the presence of UFOs. For example, Senator Marco Rubio, who made this decision, says that they have detected some military bases and flying objects that do not belong to them in the areas where they conduct military exercises. According to Rubio, it is better that these objects are coming from space than Russia or China’s military technologies are so advanced.

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Marco Rubio also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Senate Election Intelligence Committee, and will review the Pentagon’s reports with his committee. Rubio wants the findings to be included in the reports on the budgets. Stating that the explanations to be made are of great importance, Rubio says that reporting the findings about UFOs will become standard.

The senator states that the statements coming from the UFO unit can be very boring, but this has to be done. There is also a very large segment that agrees with this idea. Even the CEO of the Pentagon UFO Unit, who left his position in 2017, said Luis Elizondo, that the idea should come to life much earlier. According to Elizondo, the findings about UFOs will no longer have to be kept.


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